Pansophico donates generously to the following non-profit organizations:

Halifax International Security Forum (HFX):

HFX is North America’s leading foreign affairs and defense conference. Their mission is to build and strengthen cohesive and strategic alliances between the world’s democracies. Every November HFX gathers key leaders of the world’s democracies in Halifax, Canada to discuss the most pressing problems facing democracy. Pansophico has sponsored HFX proudly since 2019.

Why?  We identified HFX as a favored candidate because HFX is different than other leading international fora. HFX presents the best opportunity for the world’s democracies to meet and tackle real-world challenges.  HFX provides no platform to the world’s pariah states to spread disinformation or undermine the values that democracy upholds.

International Spy Museum:

The International Spy Museum in Washington DC is the world’s premier museum for documenting the history of intelligence and espionage and one of the biggest tourist destinations in Washington DC.

Why?  The International Spy Museum also conducts world class programs providing educational experiences for children with autism and sensory differences.  Additionally, the museum provides unique initiatives working with elderly citizens with dementia.  The museum also provides innovative educational workshops and distance learning for thousands of children each year.  Pansophico is proud to generously support these critical initiatives for our community.