Pansophico works hand-in-hand with global democratic governments and commercial entities, identifying, sourcing, and providing military and security materiel and other hardware through DCS and direct transactions. With global reach and a wide network, international connectivity, and breadth of experience, we resolve the most sophisticated procurement challenges.

We are interconnected with our procurement networks based in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and South America.  Our clients are global, and we have successfully fulfilled demanding and difficult-to-fill requirements over the last few years.  Our work is discreet and efficient.  We maintain a successful track record with official approval processes to expedite sales and transfers.

In security and defense equipment and other products, Pansophico represents several U.S. manufacturers that export and sell globally.  Through our networks we identify serious clients and distribution networks to effectively move products.  We represent select foreign manufacturers that import their defense and security products to the U.S. market.