Pansophico donates generously to organizations that are key to the stability of international democracy.

Halifax International Security Forum (HFX):  

HFX is North America’s leading foreign affairs and defense conference. Their mission is to build and strengthen cohesive and strategic alliances between the world’s democracies. Every November they gather key leaders of the world’s democracies in Halifax, Canada to discuss the most pressing problems facing democracy. Pansophico proudly has provided material and moral support to this important forum since 2019.

Why?  We identified HFX as a favored candidate because simply HFX is different than other leading international fora. At HFX, there is no platform or podium given to the world’s pariah states to spread disinformation, nor to those that seek to undermine the values that democracy upholds. HFX presents the best opportunity for the world’s democracies to meet and tackle real world challenges.