Pansophico launches new subsidiary OUTSTANDARDS:   Pansophico launched a new commercial venture, under its subsidiary OUTSTANDARDS, in late 2022.  The new firm enters the lucrative and growing international tactical gear and outdoor adventure market.  OUTSTANDARDS will focus on rugged, outdoor electronics to meet growing demand of USB-charged devices increasingly used by hunters, campers, and hikers.  The first product line is the EDC MAG AR, the world’s first military grade, external-carry 20,000 mAh power bank made to the dimensions of an AR15 magazine, allowing it to be carried in pre-existing external pouches in vests, belts, bags, and pants.  OUTSTANDARDS will be based in Virginia, USA.  In their first month of activity OUSTANDARDS sold EDC MAG AR products to customers in almost every state in the US.  OUTSTANDARDS can be found via this link: